adaptive boardsports

Marc Francis, Rider, UK

My name is Marc Francis, I had a road traffic accident in 1998. I was left paralysed from the chest down and I am in a wheelchair full time

I have always wanted to get into snow sports and found the Prodaptive snowboard on line. I made contact with The Prodaptive team about trying the frame and getting in to snowboarding. They was really positive and within 3 weeks they brought the set up to my local snow centre. From the word go I feel in love with the Prodaptive snowboard and how it really simulates how able-bodied people snowboard. I am the only person who owns their own Prodaptive snowboard. 

I have now been using the Prodaptive Snowboard for 4 years and I regularly go 3 to 4 times a month. It was not easy to master a first learning to side slip, falling leaves, balance and making turns was hard but with perseverance and determination I started to master the Prodaptive snowboard. I now ride very well and can short turn, carve and ride switch on the snowboard. I have just started learning some feel style. 

I have been away to the mountains in Andorra several times and I get great applause when someone has never seen the Prodaptive snowboard, people are amazed, and all want to know how it works. Some even ask to have a go and are overwhelmed how well it works just using you arms.

Without the Prodaptive Snowboard I would not have fulfilled my dream of shreddin down the slopes with my family and friends, the feeling this gives me is freedom and exhilaration and I am accepted by all of the snowboarding family. Big thanks to Prodaptive.NL