About Prodaptive

adaptive boardsports


Prodaptive B.V. is a company registered in the Netherlands. We’re into boardsports, and innovation, preferably we combine the two. Our mission is to spread the stoke of boardsports and lower the boundaries for participation. Our vision is to grow snowboarding and surfing through innovation in gear and services, especially for less obvious user groups.


Gina van der Werf


The Twinrider is the world’s first commercially available sit-down snowboard, it is sold under the Prodaptive Brand. It makes snowboarding accessible to people, typically wheelchair users, who cannot participate in stand-up snowboarding.


Splitit/splitboardshop.nl is our other brand, offering splitboard rentals and a splitboard webshop. The rentals are a great way for snowboarders to get to know splitboarding and reduces the financial and environmental pressure of discarded materials after a single trip. Profits from the shop are reinvested in the companies RnD activities

Education and training

We offer private adaptive instruction in surf and snow, however we do not run our own adaptive events (anymore). Our goal is to educate instructors around the globe in the use of the sit snowboard. If you want to make your surf or snowboard school more accessible we can help you out.

Custom solutions & consultancy

We can custom adapt gear for adaptive sports. If you want to develop your own gear we can also facilitate the design process from idea generation to working prototype. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can help you achieve it.

Showcase: Adaptive tandem surfboard (icw HSA, adaptive surf fest 2016 & 2017):

Adapted lifeguard rescueboard, integrated rail system to attach equipment, foam & glassfiber custom shaped add-on part

Showcase: Skajak adaptations

Skajak is a dryland skate-kayak for kids, to get to know the sport and movements close to home or school. We’ve collaborated on an adjusted seat for extra back support for adaptive users. Check out innoid.eu for more info on the skayak and some of the other cool stuff they make!